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20 years after the launch of the fi rst QUATTRO machine, this range of double-spindle and double-turret turning centres for bar machining celebrating the third generation is now further enhanced by the new range of QUATTRO Y2: the latest evolution of the established B445/B470Y series. The main performance benefi ts offered by the 30-degree slant bed and the robust machine components such as the structure, guides and turrets are: - Great rigidity allowing to machine tough materials - Perfect removal of chippings - Reduction of cycle times and longer tool service life - Up to 30 tools available for machining of complex parts and reduced set-up times - Ergonomics and easy access for retooling operations. The modular design allows a wide range of customized confi gurations to be offered, resulting in extremely effi cient and flexible production of simple to complex parts using live tools, C-axis and Y-axis. The QUATTRO Y2 turning centres are available in three configurations featuring 45 and 65 mm bar capacity.

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